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A SUICIDE NOTE by Matt Hollingsworth

A wise pair of sneakers once told me that we all have our lot in life, and even if we don’t like it, we have to suck it up and push on through. This is something I have come to believe in wholeheartedly. And though as a youth I once dreamed of being a heavyweight boxer, I have since grown to accept that I will forever be a girl’s training bra. Recommended for girls ages 10-12 and available in blue for a brief time only.

And though I once dreamed of the knockout round, of lifting the championship belt high above my head while scores of slightly intoxicated onlookers chant my name, I know that I will forever be condemned to supporting budding breasts and drawing awkward stares from young boys on the cusp of puberty. But this I decided is a fate worse than death, and it is for this reason that I have decided to take my own life. Perhaps I shall finally fulfill my dream in the Great Boxing Arena in The Sky. My only regret is leaving my old friend, Paul, the Purple Pair of Panties. I’m sorry to do this, old friend, but the weight of those tiny boobs has grown too heavy upon my weary shoulders. Goodbye one, Goodbye all.



I am a publishing student at Belmont University in Nashville. I have loved stories all my life and have been writing since I was six. I have written countless novels and short stories and have had two published in Bards and Sages Quarterly and The Beachwood Review.



This amusing piece of flash fiction grabbed us because gave us something quite unexpected from the title. The shorter the piece of flash fiction, the harder it is to do it well. Author Matt Hollingsworth did it perfectly. And our art director appreciated the challenge of staging the photo shot in the store.