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[NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: All misspellings and grammatical flaws in this piece are intentional. Nothing was edited.]


SAM PARSONS says: Diet over. Realized there was nothing I wanted in life more than a turkey sandwich. Not a call from Tony, not a massage… turkey. Only going to get one anyway, right?

            LUKE MICHAELS says: what topings?

            SAM PARSONS says: Hummus, pickles, tomato, lettuce, onion, celery, Swiss.

            LUKE MICHAELS says: dayum grrl

            LUKE MICHAELS says: call if u need massaging

            MIRANDA PARSONS says: Honey, you don’t need to go on a diet. You’re beautiful.

            SAM PARSONS says: Thanks, mom.

            LUKE MICHAELS says: whoops lol


ANTHONY LUMIS has posted a message on your wall: hey Sam sry for not getting back to you, my phone broke when Ben thru it @ the wall. using his phone txt this #

SAM PARSONS says: Back on diet.

            ANTHONY LUMIS likes this.


LUKE MICHAELS has posted a message on your wall: heyyy Sam if your free fri want 2 go 2 movies? Batman or broke im buying

            SAM PARSONS says: Sorry, Luke, I’m seeing it with Tony. Maybe we’ll catch you there?

            LUKE MICHAELS says: k


Unknown number: Sam its tony sry about friday I hope you didnt wait @ theater 2 long

You: I waited outside for almost three hours, thought I’d mixed up the times. You never (1/2)

You: showed, what happened? (2/2)

Unknown number: Sorry frgot hope its ok drama @ party

You: It’s ok.

Unknown number: *forgot

You: When are you getting your phone fixed?


SAM PARSONS has posted a message on ANTHONY LUMIS’S wall: I guess your borrowed phone died? Please call when you get a chance.


Message sent from parsonsmiranda@gmail.com, 2:42 pm

Hey Sam! I just wanted to let you know your father is allowed to leave the hospital tonight. They say it was only a mild attack, and that he’ll need to watch what he eats but he should be OK. You were so upset when we talked this morning and I wanted to let you know ASAP, but I know you’re in class so I didn’t want to call. BIG HUGS!!! Mom

P.S. I know you like that boy, honey, but you deserve to be treated better. He’s not the only boy in the world. Fish/sea, etc.

P.P.S. Your dad says ‘Hi.’

P.P.P.S. You’d better not be checking your email in class.



LUKE MICHAELS has posted a message on your wall: heyyy Sammy wanna go to Hershey Park next wkend? ill get an xtra tickt if you want, should be fun.

            SAM PARSONS says: Yeah, that sounds like fun.

            SAM PARSONS says: Luke I hope you didn’t tickets yet, I just talked to Tony and we made plans for Saturday.

            LUKE MICHAELS says: No probs, u have fun

            SAM PARSONS says: You too 🙂


Tony: Sam I called like 50 times

Tony: said I was sorry

You: Saying ‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t make it better.

Tony: I was drunk u saw how much I had, u no it was nothing

Tony: sam?

Tony: I just called again, u didnt answer, what do you want me to say?

Tony: im sorry ok I no it looked bad but I just want to explain

Message from lukewarm1337@gmail.com, 1:14 am

Hey Sam, you looked pretty bummed out at school today, just wanted to see if you’re ok, call me if you want to talk, you know I’ll listen. (I’ll even try not to make fun of you for it.)



You have changed your status to SINGLE.

            MIRANDA PARSONS says: Oh, honey, I’m sorry.

            SAM PARSONS says: I’m not.


Tony: Sam I no I screwed up, just give me another chance

Tony: ill do whatever you want

Tony: What can I do 2 fix this?

You: You’re a liar and a cheat.

Tony: I no

Tony: I screwed up im sorry

Tony: I love u

Tony: Just plz call


You have changed your status to IN A RELATIONSHIP with ANTHONY LUMIS.

            ANTHONY LUMIS likes this.


Message sent from parsonsmiranda@gmail.com, 12:03 pm

I’m writing from the hospital. Your dad had to come in again. I would have called you but I know you’re in class, and I didn’t want to bother you when there was nothing you could do. I know you have a lot to deal with right now. I’ll be home by four and we can talk then.


P.S. Let’s get pizza tonight and watch a chick flick. Girl’s night?

P.P.S. Your dad’s awake. He says hi.



Luke: no offense sam but wtf

You: What are you talking about?

Luke: Tony is being an idiot y do you put up with it

You: It’s none of your business.

Luke: I know he hookd up w/some girl at bens party

Luke: And 4got about you @ theater


You: It’s still none of your business.

Luke: U can do better Sammy


SAM PARSONS says: “When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world.”

            CATHY LEVINE says: Lion King, totes called it.

            LUKE MICHAELS says: or u get back 2gether w/guy who treats u like dirt

You are no longer friends with Luke Michaels.


MIRANDA PARSONS says: Rob’s surgery is on Wednesday, please keep us in your prayers.


            You, BOB PARSONS, KELLY WALKER, and 17 others like this.

You: I borrowed a copy of Avengers.

You: Making lasagne. Interested?

Tony: yah sounds awsome 🙂 c u @ 7?

Tony: hey change of plans me and ben are going out

Tony: ill call later

Tony: k?


SAM PARSONS Quit a Habit: Other.

            Story: Learning from mistakes. Too late to change?


Message from lukewarm1337@gmail.com, 11:04 am

I’m sorry if I upset you, but how can you say your happiness isn’t my business? I’m your friend. Of course it is. You act all tough, you shut people out, but the thing is, you don’t have to be fine. It’s ok to not be ok. So you can be mad at me, you can yell and scream, but please say something. Anything.

I miss you.



You: Enough turkey for two sandwiches.

You: A little Swiss.

You: Four slices of bread.

Luke: pickles? onions? rabbit approved sammich fillins?

You: The works.

You: Bring ice cream. We’re watching a chick flick. You owe me one.

Luke: o u 2. ice cream commencing


You have sent a friend request to LUKE MICHAELS.

            LUKE MICHAELS has accepted your friend request.

                        You and 1 other like this.



K.C. Norton is a student of Children’s and Young Adult Writing at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has never broken up with anyone over any kind of social media.


Author Kat Norton proves with this delightful piece that “presentation is everything.” We honestly could not see this working as a straight story, but by thinking beyond traditional formats, she has crafted a contemporary, one-of-a-kind piece that we won’t soon forget. We say, “Bravo!” to a brilliantly conceived and well-executed story told in three apps.