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UNWANTED by Frances Koziar

She ran away from everyone that day—her foster guardians, her classmates, the painted smiles of her teachers. School passed in a haze of forgotten moments.

Then, she actually ran.

One part of herself kept saying she should have known, she had known, but still she ran until she had to walk, and walked until her legs shook beneath her like the pillars of her dreams crumbling to dust. You knew it was coming. You knew it was coming. Vehement. Heartbroken. Savage.

Happy birthday, someone had said, and the world spun.

She was eighteen.

She had aged out.

She would never find a family.



Frances Koziar is primarily a fiction writer of the contemporary fiction, high fantasy, and young adult genres, though she also publishes poetry and nonfiction. Her work has appeared in 35+ literary magazines, and she is seeking an agent for a diverse NA high fantasy novel. She is a young, retired (disabled) academic and a social justice advocate, and she lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.




Writing good flash fiction is an art and a challenge for any writer, and the shorter they are, the harder it is to craft one that’s very strong.

We’re pleased to say that author Frances Koziar has accomplished this with a tight, resonant piece packed with so much emotion. What’s interesting is that her main character is never named—because there’s no need to. This makes the piece both personal and universal, which makes for good literary fiction.